Fourier Transform like never before

In college I was part of a student club, we organized technical workshops. We were to film a promotional video for the membership drive. We took some photos, videos & audio clips of students and professors. I was tasked with editing and compiling them.

I finished arranging the clips & listened to them,
they contained a lot of background noise from that room.

I read up on noise removal and used some tools, these were supposed to filter the unwanted frequencies.

It was about the same time when I was taking lectures for Fourier Series. Completely unaware of the fact that I had used Fourier Transform!

Now if you don't know what a Fourier Transform is, I'm here to get you
excited about it, without lecturing or defining it, at least not for some time.

It is an amazing concept and you can only imagine how useful it has been in maths and various fields of Science.

If science doesn't appeal to you, you probably shouldn't be reading further because it is all geeky down below, in case your're leaving... here tl;dr

It's used for

  1. Playing that song that you've set on rotation
  2. Fueling up for your wanderlust ride
  3. Meds & Health Checkups
  4. Capturing the pictures of starry galaxies and underwater sharks !
  5. Pimping up your ride and wheelz
  6. Flushing your poop
  7. It can vaporize you, bow down to the Führer Fourier !

It's really late, gonna sleep. This is a incremental post so I'll be updating it often !